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    bulletAbout KyungHee University Natural History Museum

    The Kyung Hee University Natural History Museum was founded in 1978. It is located in a scenic natural quarter of Seoul. It has collected more than 90,000 specimens. The basis of the museums displays is the decades long research being done at KHU, which is all founded with the University motto “Creating the Cultural World” in mind. In a high paced society with little connection to the natural world we work hard to provide a closer feeling to nature in a scenic space.
    The museum is staffed by experts in the various rocks and minerals, fossils, animal and plant specimens that are on display here, whose knowledge is not limited to just the earth in its present form but also are experts in the historical ecological changes that have occurred. The museum is spread out over six floors of displays. You can take a guided tour or participate in official education programs that will teach you about the museum’s contents while advocating the preservation of the natural world.
    Keep in mind that the museum carefully uses the world’s limited resources effectively and in a worthwhile manner that compensates future generations for what we took away from it. Our displays have been being collected since the 1940s and currently there are over 90,000 items in total. We also have on display extinct animals as well as animals for whom we have seen no evidence of existence for the last decade that are on the verge of extinction.
    At the KHU Natural History Museum we believe in the importance of providing education, from children to adults, on the all types of life and providing them with the experience and will to engage in the research on and preservation of nature.

  • Researchers
    Director Suk-Pyo Hong Ph,D., F.L.S. (
    Plants Systematics
    Curator Myung-Suk Jeong Ph. D. (
    Beom-Cheol, An Ph. D. Candidate (
    Plants Systematics

    The KHU Natural History Museum (Seoul Campus) is located next to the College of Korean Medicine.

    Hour: Open 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. / Monday - Friday


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    Address: 26 Kyunghee-daero, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zipcode) 02447

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